Anyone listening to the Bird Song?

On the River Crane Sanctuary – Churchview Road…Garages TW2.

Well today in the early hours The Hedgerow we were seeking to protect has been ‘maintained’ or is that compromised by hacking away fruting brambles and ivy and elderflower whilst we fear the blackbirds have moved on from their traditional nesting and feeding and roosting site… where?   A flock of redwings were here only yesterday and the variety of birdlife, butterflies, bats and more that have visited and foraged here in peace for over two decades have no voice as developers seek to build on a wildlife corridor which is already strangled by over development.   Of course, they say there are no birds here and no wildlife…take a look at the River Crane Sanctuary website     and our flickr album       

Please support us by objecting to any appeal or new application by these developers who should not be rewarded with planning approval after this disgraceful behaviour.